A little about me

Hi, I’m Megan. I am a lifestyle photographer based in Canastota, NY. I started my photography journey when my beautiful daughter was born. She is my inspiration and my number one model. I love capturing our family moments and quickly realized I wanted to do this for other families. I genuinely enjoy getting to know my clients prior to their sessions so when they get in front of my camera I have a sense of who they are and can help them relax and have fun.

I love to shoot in my backyard for outdoor sessions because I have a lot of trees and nature but if a client has another location in mind, I will gladly travel! I like to be in the clients’ homes for indoor sessions because I’m telling their family stories, so it makes sense to be in their space. I want to get those precious shots of a kid playing in their room or a dad reading a story to his kids on the couch.

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